Human Centred Intelligent Systems


May 2019

The Human Centred Intelligent Systems session explored the issues and challenges around the applications, development and operations of systems that combine humans and technology.

MC / Chair:

  • Dr Robin Nicholson, Associate Director, Research – Defence Innovation Partnership

Expert Panel:

  • Dr Siobhan Banks, Research Associate Professor and Co-Director, Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre – University of South Australia
  • A/Prof Giselle Rampersad, Deputy Director, Innovation, Australian Industrial Transformation Institute – Flinders University
  • Professor Ian Reid, Professor at School of Science and Researcher at Australian Institute of Machine Learning – The University of Adelaide
  • Dr Peter Schumacher, Program Director Industrial Design – University of South Australia

Discussion focussed on the latest research in human/machine interaction, and the developing areas of human/machine cooperation and collaboration and included everything from health, security, education, defence, mining, design, and advanced manufacturing.

Panel discussion focussed around the latest impacts of human/machine interactions on their research areas and introduced some areas of topical interest including recent research into human machine cooperation, and concepts like centaurs systems (from “free style chess”) and the human centred “caring” intelligent environments, as well as the new possibilities of AI augmented design and the inspirational world of semi-sentient, biometric enabled art.