Detection and remediation of contaminated water


DIP Contibution: $150,000

Project Summary: This project will introduce cost-effective technologies for sensing and removal of perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) from water. This project will build on preliminary results that provide new filtration technology for use by defence forces and the general public. Commercial production with industry partner Puratap is envisioned.

Defence Relevance: Defence forces commonly use fire fighting measure that release PRFAS into the environment, so cost-effective technologies are needed to remove it from water.

Team Lead: Flinders University’s Professor Justin Chalker

Collaborating Partners: University of South Australia, Puratap and the University of Newcastle


07 June 2019 - Australian Defence Magazine - "Researchers make PFAS breakthrough"

03 June 2019 - American Chemical Society (ACS) Publication - "Polymer Supported Carbon for Safe and Effective Remediation of PFOA- and PFOS-Contaminated Water"

12 July 2018 - The Advertiser - "Puratap filter could be used to clear toxins from Edinburgh RAAF base groundwater in university, Defence and council plan"

Status: Completed