Identifying combat and combat-related stigma


DIP Contribution: 94,700

Project Summary: As stigma is perpetuated through communication between individuals, language use has significant ramifications. This pilot project aims to identify the characteristics and prevalence of stigmatising language and advise how it can be changed and minimised to achieve more sustainable outcomes in recruitment, retention, combat readiness and capability.

Defence Relevance: While considerable effort and resources have been invested into programs of social inclusion, diversity and mental wellbeing in Defence, the stigmatisation of people and conditions persists. This stigma, and its consequences, undermines operational effectiveness and damages psychological and social resilience.

The study will examine self-perception and public-perception of females/mothers in the ADF who deployed to a combat zone.

This research will allow extrapolation to other demographic groups in the ADF about the experience of stigma. The research may also provide useful data to assist veterans transitioning from military service into civilian careers.

Team Lead: University of South Australia’s Professor Leanne Glenny,

Collaborating Partners: The University of Adelaide, The Road Home and Defence Science and Technology Group.

Status: Ongoing